A red car being re-sprayed

Car Respray Hailsham

Hailsham Autobody Repairs provide an expert vehicle respraying service for all makes and models of cars and vans. Respraying paint is not an easy process. It takes specialist equipment and experience to master this craft in order to achieve a seamless finish. The paint needs to be carefully matched to ensure the area being sprayed perfectly matches the rest of your vehicle.

Our respray specialists have many years of experience in vehicle painting and respraying. Using their well-earned skill to achieve the highest quality finish. We have completed resprays on a huge range of cars, from modern vehicles to old classics. Restoring your car to its original glory and achieving the first-class finish is what we do best.

There is a wide range of reasons for having your car resprayed. Maybe your vehicle was damaged in an accident, or there are dents and scratches you would like covering. Perhaps you just want a change of colour.

Colour Matching Service

Our colour change respray includes all door shuts. We carefully match colours to ensure there is no difference when only part of your car is being resprayed. The shine and lacquer of your vehicle are also carefully matched to ensure an immaculate finish.

Our team use the latest technology in our state-of-the-art workshop based in Hailsham. Using paint from approved manufacturers as well as customised paint finishes. Our service is versatile and will ensure your car looks as good as new.

Any visual defects on your vehicle can affect its look and can negatively impact its value. As with all of our services, preparation is key. We take the time to ensure the surface is well prepared and even to achieve the sleekest finish. From quick blow overs to complete strip downs, we use our skill and training to use the best method.


Hailsham Autobody Repair was established in 1982. A family-run company with a combined experience of more than 70 years, our team are experts in their field. We proudly deliver some of the finest car repair services in East Sussex.

Whilst our workmanship is of the highest quality, our prices are extremely competitive. We are proud to offer a great value service that has gained an enviable reputation.